Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

13 06 2008

Today we went on our very own Austin jungle safari! We packed our binoculars, canteens, mosquito nets, put on our safari hats and headed out to explore the Austin Zoo! Not long after we set out on our trek, we came upon a family of Capuchin Monkeys swinging through the trees. We learned that these primates are considered the most intelligent New World monkeys. Next we discovered a group of Warthogs enjoying a mudbath, a black bear basking in the morning sun, and a Galapagos Tortoise digging in the dirt. Did you know that the average life expectancy of a wild tortoise is estimated to be 150-200 years?!

Toward the end of our excursion we met the king of the jungle himself, the African Lion! We learned that a lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away and that this creature can weigh up to 550 lbs! How many of you would it take to make one lion?

At the end of the day we emerged from the jungle tired and hungry. We set up camp and ate lunch on the outskirts of the wilderness, where we reflected on our awesome adventure!




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