To Infinity and Beyond!

13 06 2008

It’s seconds before launch, the boosters are fired up, our seats are rumbling and shaking… 3-2-1…BLASTOFF! We’re rocketing toward space, destined for the moon, mars and beyond! On our journey through the stars, we got to know a lot more about our vast universe by exploring its planets, galaxies and comets.

We learned that our sun has eight planets that circle around it all the time. Some planets are small, like Mercury, and some are enormous, like Jupiter and Saturn. We also learned that the closer a planet is to the sun, the warmer it is, while planets that are incredibly far away from the sun, like Uranus and Neptune, are exremely cold on the surface. Today we painted pictures of our own planet, Earth, and created our very own imaginary planets! If you could make your own planet, what would it look like? If you would like to explore the planets in our galaxy further, click here!

Later we put on our space suits and helmets and headed out on a moonwalk. On earth, gravity is what keeps us from flying off into space, but on the moon gravity is much lower, so we are able to leap higher than ever before! What would you take with you on a trip to the moon?





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