It’s a Wrap!

20 06 2008

Friday was our very last day of Mythical Machines Robotics class.  The
girls learned a lot about programming, designing and building, teamwork,
and creative thinking.  On Friday they got to show off all they had
learned by designing their own individual projects!  Some used a list of
suggestions from the teachers, while others thought up projects
completely on their own.  We had crazy taxi-ride robots, carnival rides,
food-detecting robots, street-cleaning robots, Las Vegas card-dealing
robots, waltzing robots, and a robot that could snag and reel up a
priceless diamond that a goddess had dropped into a well! The girls got
to show their work to visitors at the Girl Scouts center as well as some

We had a great time at Mythical Machines robotics camp!  For those of
you interested in the robots we used, you can check out Lego Mindstorms  online.  Also, if you’re interested in
the Greek myths we learned about, check out Rick Riordan’s books at, which set Greek myths in present-day New York.  The
girls all give those books two thumbs up!




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