Amphibians are toadly awesome!

24 06 2008

Today we leapt into the fascinating world of amphibians! We learned all about frogs, their environment and what they like to eat. We created a frog feast picture and filled it with all sorts of things a frog might have for dinner, like flies, spiders and worms, yum! We learned that when frogs hatch from eggs they look like tiny fish, called tadpoles. As a tadpole grows, it develops legs and loses its tail. When this process is complete, the froglet breathes with lungs and lives on land, just like you and me!

Did you know birds aren’t the only animals that can sing? Frogs can too! They make calls to attract mates. We used instruments like balloons and combs to make sounds and created our very own frog chorus and croaked out a few tunes! Later we drew a pond mural that a frog could live in. What kinds of things do you think a frog would need in its habitat? What other animals might live here?

Want to continue singing along with our new amphibian friends? Then hop on over to Ribbit Pond!




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