No bones about it, we love dinos!

17 07 2008

This week we went on another excavation adventure in dinosaur camp! We were a team of top-notch paleontoloists unearthing the fossils of all sorts of ancient creatures. We used brushes to carefully brush away sand so as not to damage the bones and recorded information about our findings in our fossil journals.

Today we unearthed Deinonychus, a speedy predator with 5-inch long, knife-like claws on each foot! We learned that Deinonychus used these retractable hook claws for hunting and seriously wounding their prey, making this dino somebody you wouldn’t want to run into at meal time!

Later, we made our own fossilized dinosaur tracks with clay and learned that when paleontologists find these kind of fossilized imprints it helps them to figure out how big dinos were, whether they lived alone or in packs and even how fast they could run! We also drew a dinosaur habitat mural and filled it with all our favorite dinos and things they might like to eat. What kinds of things would you eat if you were a dinosaur? Would you be a plant-eater like Triceratops? Or a meat-eater like Deinonychus?




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