Happy Birthday, NASA!

22 07 2008
This month NASA turned 50 years old.  In the past 50 years the men and women of NASA have done some pretty incredible things, from sending people to walk on the moon to launching shuttles to explore the deep reaches of space.  
NASA doesn’t just focus on space though!  The scientists there also work with new technology, design and build all sorts of tools and equipment, and even study the weather!  
You can learn more about NASA and find tons of videos, images, and fun science activities at NASA’s website: http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/index.html.
One of the cool things on NASA’s website is a satellite and spacecraft tracker.  You can see all the satellites orbiting Earth and find out when they will be appearing in a sky near you at http://science.nasa.gov/realtime/jtrack/3d/JTrack3D.html.  Go check it out!  And see what all sorts of fun things you can find up in the night sky!



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