Brain Freeze!

29 07 2008

Today we got enthusiastic about math and science in a tasty way by making our own liquid nitrogen ice cream! Yum! What’s so great about liquid nitrogen ice cream you ask? At -320°F, the key ingredient (liquid nitrogen) makes this delicious dessert practically instantaneously! What’s better than that? All you need is some creamy ingredients and an appetite for exploring science! With some help from a few of UT’s Chemical Engineering grad students, we were well on our way to extreme brainfreeze action! Check it out!

Next, we put on our goggles and got to work making some polymer slime! Turns out we’re all natural-born chemists, as we studied polymers and observed chemical reactions taking place right before our eyes. We learned from our new friends at UT that a chemical engineer is different from other engineers in that they draw upon the vast and powerful science of chemistry to solve a wide range of problems, like finding solutions for environmental or biomedical problems.

Have you ever made a sticky mixture at home?

Leave a comment and let us know what you did!




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