We all scream for…fish?

29 07 2008


Ice cream contains pretty basic ingredients like ice, salt, milk, and sugar. But did you know that some ice cream uses proteins from fish?

The ingredient, called an ice-structuring protein, is used by some manufacturers during the ice cream making process. How does that work exactly? Well, the protein they are using comes from fish that live in very cold temperatures, like in the Arctic ocean. This protein protects the fish in the freezing waters by lowering the temperature at which ice crystals form. And this protein does the same thing for ice cream. When it is used in the churning process the protein prevents ice crystals from forming and helps the ice cream to stay really creamy.



If all this talk about ice cream is making you hungry, here’s a really easy recipe for some homemade (and fish free) ice cream.

 Vanilla ice cream:

1 cup heavy cream

1 cup light cream

1 beaten egg (or use equivalent reconstituted dried)

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp. vanilla extract

 In 1 lb. coffee can mix all ingredients. Seal can lid well with duct tape. Put small, sealed can inside larger 3 lb. can. Pack ice and 1 cup salt around small can. Put lid on large can and duct tape closed. Roll back & forth on a large towel (optional) for 15 minutes. Open large can and dump ice and water. Wipe small can dry and open. Stir mix, scraping sides of can. Additional ingredients, eg. cookie crumbs, chopped nuts, can be added now. Reseal small can and place back in larger can. Repack with salt and ice. Continue rolling for 10 minutes more. Open large can and dump ice and water. Wipe small can dry and open. Enjoy!


You can flavor your ice cream with fresh fruit or juice. What new flavors can you come up with? Let us know!




One response

14 08 2008

Postcard from an Ice Cream Shop Adventure: Vanilla, Mint Chip, Raspberry, Peanut Butter … mmm Old favorites. Lavender, Pink Peppercorn, Strawberry Vinegar … Wait a minute, where’s this going? Black Sesame, Basil, Green Chile? I’m afraid to ask about Grasshopper Sorbet. Vanilla, please.

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