Slimy science

30 07 2008

Today we put on our lab coats and got ready for some ooey, gooey, slippery, slimy fun! We got messy doing some real hands on experiments related to chemistry. We learned that chemistry is not only a science, it is also used in cooking, medicine, engineering and much more. We also found out that chemistry can be a lot of fun!

Here we are exploring diaper slime! Sounds gross, huh? Well, it’s really quite interesting! We discovered that there’s actually a whole lot of chemistry going on inside of a diaper to keep it from leaking. Hydrogen bonding between water and the polymer sodium polyacrylate inside the diaper work to trap eight-hundred times its own weight! See- no leaks!

We learned more about chemical reactions and polymers by making our own glue slime. We combined Elmer’s Glue, Borax and water to make this qooey, putty-like concoction.

How well do you know the Periodic Table of Elements? Tell us your favorite element and why you think it’s so cool! I’ll start! Mine is Hydrogen, because it is number one on the Periodic Table of Elements and is the only fuel solution that does not need to be renewed because it is a self-replenishing fuel!

Don’t have a favorite element yet? That’s OK! Now’s a great time to do some research. Go ahead- enlighten us!




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