Kids’ Carbon Footprint Calculator

8 08 2008

What impact does your family’s lifestyle have on the earth? Find out by using the Carbon Footprint Calculator for Kids. You’ll be asked simple questions about what you eat, what you use, and what you throw away. The calculator will tell you how much land, trees, water, and carbon are used to support your lifestyle.


One of the coolest features is that you can compare your footprint with the footprint of kids in other countries. See how you compare to kids in China or India – you will be amazed at the difference!


Spend a little more time and take the test again, to see what would happen if you made some changes in your habits. I found out that by using fluorescent light bulbs (the spiral kind), drying my clothes outside, and getting rid of my magazine subscription (I can read it online instead) I could reduce my carbon footprint by 1/2 tonne of CO2 per year!


Give it a try and tell us your results. How did you feel when you got your score?

(PS: 1 tonne = 2205 lbs. I had to look that one up!)




24 responses

8 08 2008

Oh man, that plane I took to DC last month did my footprint in! I went from a 7.4 to a 10. Does anyone else feel like that calculator didn’t include everything? What about air conditioning? Here in Texas running the AC all the time is a major energy drain. We try to use AC as little as we can and use our fans instead.

10 03 2010

Ya Same in dubai we use th AC way too much as its so hot here i will try to cut down and to persuade my friends to cut down. hope u reply see ya! 🙂

10 03 2010

Hey Conor,

It’s great to hear from you in Dubai! I’m sure it’s much hotter than Texas there, and using the AC is a big contributor to the carbon footprint. Let us know if you think of creative ways to reduce your footprint!

25 03 2009

cool website

30 12 2009

sensational. this is really great

30 12 2009

its so sad how large the carbon footprint of usa is

4 01 2010

Hi everyone!
This site is great and has a lot of good info. The footprint of USA is a bit sad but oh well.

10 03 2010

Here in dubai i hope to improve my carbon footprint and some of my friends 🙂

30 03 2010

what is the averege kids carbon footpring in comparison with an adults?

30 03 2010

Hey Matteo, that is a great question! Many times carbon footprint is calculated for a whole family (since they all live together in the same house). But I do know kids are often the ones who motivate their families to be more environmentally-minded.

Does anyone else have kids vs adults results?

17 07 2010

save the world

29 08 2010

koolio from mc joe 🙂 carbon footprints and man yo 🙂 lol

7 12 2010

How do you calculate the footprint???????

8 12 2010

Follow the link to and then click on the purple button that says “Get started!” I hope you learn something interesting!

11 10 2011

dunno does anyone else no

13 02 2011

yo this site is off the his house wooow i got an exam on this stuff i might get an a awsome

13 02 2011

lols just kidding about the exam but this place rocks

26 05 2011


26 05 2011

hello dudes! this website is totally sick bruv im on it every daay and every night!!! i love it so much!!

6 06 2011
Galen Grammatica

And bookmarked! I’ll definitely come back to your site more often from now on.

10 01 2012

its really coolllllllllllllllll L.O.L

22 01 2012

thanks for the info
helping for school.

29 01 2012

yeah i will definateley cut down on some things lol 🙂

29 01 2012


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