Fishy Fun!

14 08 2008

We’re standing on the dive platform, flippers on and air tanks strapped firmly to our backs. One by one we step off the edge and plunge deep into the cool, blue water below. After the fizzing bubbles have cleared we see stretched out below us an island of colorful corals and seaweeds bathed in beautiful blue light. Neon-bright fish dart playfully over the reef as we begin our slow descent to explore the deep sea below…


It was definitely an undersea adventure here at camp this week! We learned all about the ocean and the amazing creatures it contains. From penguins to sharks to coral, the ocean supports a variety of different life forms on our planet. Today we explored fish and learned all about their anatomy and the habitats they live in. We examined a real fish and noticed that this animal has eyes on both sides of its head, allowing it to see all the way around itself (a handy adaptation when you’re constantly on the lookout for predators!)

We made fish imprints and learned that the primary purpose of scales is to give the fish external protection, like a flexible, little suit of body armor. Then we went out and observed the fish swimming in the museum’s aquarium, we noted differences in how each fish moved and behaved as well as their colors and size.

Do you, or have you ever had a fish? What kind was it? Tell us what it looked like and how it behaved.




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