Go Organic

14 08 2008

Austin is a unique and vibrant city. From the arts to its shops to its green spaces, Austin has it all, and we spent this entire week exploring some of the places that make Austin so great! Today, the nice people at Whole Foods took us on a tour of their giant store where we learned all about natural and organic foods, meaning foods grown without the use of conventional pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Flavorful breads, juicy fruits and delicious, creamy peanut butter are just a few of the foods we sampled along the way. Between the bakery and fresh pasta station, we made a pit-stop at candy island to watch chefs handmaking lollipops, fudges, toffees, s’mores and much much more! Our mouths watered as we watched the cascading chocolate fountain enrobing sweets and strawberries. Then it was onto the fish market to learn about ocean-friendly fishing methods and seafood sustainability.

Whole Foods believes in maintaining a healthy planet and seeks to reduce environmental impacts. Farmers grow healthy plants and animals using earth-friendly methods known as sustainable farming. They do not use man-made substances that can sometimes stay around and harm the environment. Instead, they use natural substances and methods. We all need to do our part in contributing to a healthier future, and we can all make a difference by taking some simple steps. Check out The Greens for ideas on how you can help look after our planet, these printable tip sheets are a great place to start!




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