Spotlight on Cybil Gustafson

14 10 2008

Cybil is just one of the many wonderful employees working at the Austin Children’s Museum! Right now, she is working hard to combine museum efforts with Austin’s 2nd Annual Maker Faire. We wanted to share a little about Cybil so that everyone could get a better idea of some of the things she is doing to make the museum and Maker Faire a better place!

How long have you been working with the Austin Children’s Museum?

-Almost four years.

What is your favorite part about working with the museum?

-I love that we have so much creative freedom! Everyone here is open to new ideas and when we get ideas we can share them.

Tell me a little about Maker Faire. Why should people go to it?

-Maker Faire is presented by the publishers of Make Magazine. In the magazine, readers and makers show off their ideas. Maker Faire is kind of a science fair and a craft fair combined for grownups to present what they have done. Maker Faire is also a showcase for tech companies.

What is your role with Maker Faire?

-I organize the Maker Kids area. The Maker Kids area is presented by the Austin Children’s Museum and it is designed specifically for kids and families.

If you could invent anything for Maker Faire, what would it be?

-I would invent something that kids can operate themselves. I’m not quite sure what that would be, but I know it would have a big impact. One of the activities at the museum’s Discovery Time is the parachute drop. Well, this would be like the parachute drop times 100!

What do you hope visitors will get out of their experience at Maker Faire?

-I hope visitors will see that there can be a cross section between science/engineering and the arts. For example, last year at Maker Faire someone invented a robot that delivered monologues. It was called the Robo Thesbian and combined science and the arts.




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