Maker Kids Menu

16 10 2008

Check out all the cool stuff in our Maker Kids area at this year’s Maker Faire!

Parachute Launch– Design and build a penny parachute!  Launch your two cents from the Parachute Launcher and see how safely it returns to the ground.


Mega Model Build– Calling all artists, engineers and junk collectors!  Join the ACM staff and Architect Artist Scott Specht and build a Mega Model City on-site at Maker Faire.  


Woodworking– ACM staff and volunteers will provide guidance and assistance in a free form woodworking workshop.  We’ll be designing, building and decorating with wood, paint and tools.


Celebrate National Chemistry Week– Members and volunteers of the American Chemical Society will be celebrating National Chemistry Week with hands-on chemistry experiments for the entire family. (Saturday Only)


FLL Show and TellFirst Lego League will be showing off the robots they’ve built and presenting their research on “Climate Connections”


Rubber-band and Mouse Trap CarsTexas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering will join ACM to host a hands-on activity that has more potential energy that we can harness! 


MakerKids Showcase- Kids Makers from Austin will be showcasing their inventions and creations.   From finely detailed paper ships to ICE COOL the remote controlled cooler, we’ve even got an invention designed to make homework more fun!  (Saturday only)


Kite Making– Make, test fly and refine your kite all on site.  Experts from the Exchange Club of Austin, hosts of the annual Zilker Kite Festival, will be on hand all weekend to help you perfect your wind powered flyer.




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