Live From Maker Faire!

18 10 2008

It’s the afternoon of the first day of Maker Faire and already it has been full of exciting events! At the tent for the Austin Children’s Museum, kids of all ages have been finding fun activities to do like the Mega Model Build! The Mega Model Build allows kids to create their own buildings and towns together using creative materials like cardboard tubes and toys. The finished creation will be on display at the museum! Look at what kids have built so far:

Another exciting part of the museum’s tent has been the Maker Kid displays! Kids came up with their own inventions and got to present them to everyone at Maker Faire. It was amazing to see what they thought up- they all did a great job!

Brothers, Alex and Isaac, figured out a way to hack their Wii remotes so that the “A” buttons glow:

Griffin made a Paper Stacker that stacks and moves paper and homework! He also brought a fun invention that sucked up cotton balls and shot them out again:

Alexander showed us how to make elaborate ships out of paper:

Ivan made his own Mega Model, complete with electronic parts, like a working train:

Alex made a remote controlled, moving cooler called “Ice Cool”:

More exciting Maker Faire news is to come!




2 responses

19 10 2008
Minde Starkes

Thanks so much for all your work in organizing the maker kids area at the Faire and making it possible for the kids to showcase their ideas. It was such a great experience for Alex and his sister. He is already building things in the garage for next year. We loved the robo wars and the Epey Bird guys. See ya Alex and Minde Starkes

21 10 2008

Hi Alex! Glad you had a great time, and glad that you and your sister could get some good ideas for your future inventions…see you soon!

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