Day 2 of Maker Faire!

19 10 2008

Well, Maker Faire has just wrapped up in Austin for the year, and I’m already pumped about going back to Maker Faire next year! The highlight of today was definitely getting to see EepyBird‘s Diet Coke and Mentos Fountains. EepyBird used 104 bottles of Diet Coke and over 600 Mentos to create amazing fountains of soda! The Diet Coke shot up so high in the air that some of us got sprayed! Here are a few photos from the show. Keep an eye out for video footage of this event on the Austin Children’s Museum blog later this week:

Fritz and Stephen got the audience excited about the Diet Coke and Mentos Fountains and explained the science behind their show.

Amazing carbonated fountains!

Someone from the Science Channel wanted to see what would happen if he tried drinking out of a Diet Coke bottle while it was spraying soda everywhere. Needless to say, he was covered in the beverage!

Thank you to everyone- volunteers, scientists, artists, visitors, and of course, Make Magazine, who helped to make Maker Faire a great experience for the whole family!




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20 10 2008

This was so cool. The best part was that Fritz told everyone they should try it at home!

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