Maker Faire: A Mix of Science and the Arts!

22 10 2008

One of my favorite things about Maker Faire this year was seeing so many creative inventions that blended science and art together. Whether it was watching SanDraw, a computer operated machine that drew designs in sand, or watching RoboSpinArt, a modern day joystick version of the 1960’s and 1970’s version of Spin Art, there was so much to see and do!

One invention that used both science and the arts was Airheads Air Drums. Airheads placed two sensor sticks about two feet apart. Then, kids and adults are able to “play the air” beneath the sensor sticks and hear the sound of drums or other instruments playing! How cool is that? Here is a video I took of the Air Drums:

Another invention that I loved was Cyclecide‘s Melody Maker. The Melody Maker allowed people to play music on electric guitars by simply riding a bicycle! I wasn’t able to get my own video of this fun creation, but I found another video that shows what it did:




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