Candle Science!

31 10 2008

Happy Halloween! Tonight, many people who have carved pumpkins will be lighting candles and putting them inside their pumpkins so that they will glow! That got some of us here at the Austin Children’s Museum thinking- is there any fun science information that we can learn about involving candles?

We did research, and found out some interesting things about the way candles work! Here is a video that talks about the science of candles. After you watch the video, ask an adult if they will help you perform the experiment! Start the video at 3:30 to see an awesome experiment with wax vapors:

In another experiment with candles, light a candle and cover the candle with a jar. What happens? Did the flame go out? Flames require oxygen to survive, but flames send out carbon dioxide. When the jar’s oxygen is replaced with carbon dioxide, the flame can no longer survive and goes out! Have a safe and fun Halloween, everybody!




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