R.L. Stine at the Austin Children’s Museum!!!

18 11 2008


On Halloween, the Austin Children’s Museum had the wonderful privilege of bringing R.L. Stine to the museum for a book signing party! R.L. Stine spoke to the museum audience about his life and his love of writing. It was a great way for the museum to get in the Halloween spirit! He answered the many questions that children had and we were all able to learn a lot about him. Here is a little bit of information about R.L. Stine’s life:

R.L. Stine is a children’s horror author who has sold more than 300 million books! He was born in Columbus, Ohio and when he was nine he began writing stories on his family’s typewriter. Although his mother wanted him to go outside and play, R.L. Stine preferred to write because he felt it was too boring outside. In school, R.L. Stine mostly got B’s and was not very good in math or gym class.

When R.L. Stine became an adult he moved to New York City and began writing joke books. He created a humor magazine, Bananas, but after marrying his wife who was a writer and editor, he began to create the horror books that he writes now! Since 1992, Goosebumps, R.L. Stine’s most popular book series, has been translated into 32 different languages and has even turned into a TV series!

For more information about R.L. Stine and his awesome books, visit his website!


01tbfbd0380All photos courtesy of Bob Daemmrich of the Texas Book Festival.




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