Spotlight on Ashlee

21 11 2008

Ashlee Donnell is one of the Austin Children’s Museum’s Gallery Educators. Gallery Educators get the opportunity to work directly with children here at the museum by giving tours, presenting science experiments, and leading story time and sing-a-longs. We wanted to share a little about Ashlee so that everyone could get a better idea about Ashlee’s interests and what she does for the museum.

Ashlee has been working for the Austin Children’s Museum since January 2008. Since working here, one of her favorite parts of being a Gallery Educator has been playing with the kids, whether it is through Story Time, Discovery Time, or just answering any questions that kids may have.

Ashlee’s favorite areas of the museum are the Global City and Tinker’s Workshop, simply because she has noticed that Global City is a hit with the younger kids and Tinker’s Workshop really interests the older kids. Whenever she takes the children on tours, she says that they always seem to enjoy playing in those areas of the museum and they never complain about wanting to go elsewhere.

If Ashley could create any exhibit for the museum, she would would create an exhibit that teaches kids all about art. Ashley previously studied painting and photography in college and is planning on starting her master’s degree soon so that she can one day be an Art Therapist.




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