Bye-bye, Amy!

8 12 2008




Amy has been ACM’s fantastic lead blogger this fall. She will be graduating from UT this May and so is leaving the Museum to finish up her classes. We will miss you, Amy! Before she heads off to begin her bright career, we thought we’d give you a bit of insight into the life of a lead blogger:



What has been your favorite thing to blog about?

My favorite thing to blog about is the at-home crafts for families to do together. It’s a lot of fun to explore other blogs and look at the cool crafts that people come up with. Plus, I love doing crafty things myself, so it gives me new ideas!



Have you learned anything that you never knew before?

Yes! I have learned so much while interning with the museum! In general, I have learned about the blogging world and how blogs are a new information source on the internet for educating people and bringing people together. I’ve also learned so many interesting science facts from researching educational resources- now I know more about chemistry, energy sources, and even dinosaurs.



If you could have any question in the world answered, what would it be?

Where do those lost socks go that go missing in the washing machine?



What is your favorite place to visit on the web?

Hmm, well the place I probably visit most often on the web is Facebook, because it is a way for my friends and I to keep in touch, so I guess that would be my favorite site.



Do you think you will keep on blogging after you leave the Austin Children’s Museum?

Definitely! Now that I know how big the blogging world is, I want to keep up with it and continue blogging myself. It’s exciting to see that some people can become pro-bloggers and make a profession out of this!



What are your plans for the future?

I am graduating from UT next May, so right now I am beginning to look for jobs and I am also looking into graduate school. If I go to graduate school, I hope to study Curriculum and Instruction or Educational Psychology.






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