What We’re Reading!

29 01 2009


Madeline loves to read books to kids during Storytime here at the Museum. She likes to dive into a good book to engage her mind and see the world in a new way. Check out the book Little Pea, it’s a “crowd pleaser!”

Little Pea

 Little Pea loves to roll down hills, hear bedtime stories, and to spend time with his pea pals. When dinner time rolls around, little pea becomes unhappy. You see, pea families eat candy for dinner! Only problem is, little pea hates candy! Momma and Poppa Pea encourage little pea to eat five pieces of candy before he can have dessert. “Bleh!” he says. After cleaning his plate, little pea is rewarded with his favorite dessert, spinach! Mmmm!


What is your favorite food? What do you like to eat for dinner?

Leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you! 



Check out the awesome video from Storytime!


We will regularly feature a Gallery Educator’s favorite book on our blog. Check back with us to see what we recommend!


Little Pea

By: Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Author) and Jen Corace (Illustrator)

Ages: 3 and up

Hardcover: 36 pages

Publisher: Chronicle Books (February 2005)




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