Bubble Splatter Art

24 03 2009

What is air trapped in a liquid ball? A bubble of course! March is National Bubble Month. In honor of this occasion, we decided to create bubble splatter art!

You will need:paint in cup

Tempra paint, plastic Cups, Bubble solution, White construction paper, and a bubble wand

Easy Steps:

1) Lay newspaper down on your work table and wear an old shirt.

2) Pour some bubble solution into each of the plastic cups. (One color per cup)

3) Add a few drops of paint to the cups. (More paint = darker colors)

4) Lay your construction paper down on the newspaper, dip the wand into the colors and start blowing!

This is our bubble splatter art!

This is our bubble splatter art!

We tried blowing the bubbles onto different surfaces like fabric and cardstock. What types of surfaces can you create “bubble splatter art” on?  (Make sure to ask a parent first!)

What happens when you blow bubbles through a keyring, paperclip or straw?

Want to learn more about bubbles? Visit this website!




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