ACM’s Volunteers!

16 04 2009
Our volunteers make the difference! We appreciate everything that they do for the museum and couldn’t be who we are without them. I had the pleasure of interviewing two wonderful helpers who work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.

Jillian and Lisa have been working at ACM for four whole months, and plan to help out through the summer too! Thanks for your dedication!

Jillian sorting supplies in Tinkerer's Workshop
  • What is your favorite thing about the museum?

I like sorting, and helping out around the musuem. I sort the items that the kids need to make projects. My job has been great;  I enjoy it a lot.

Jillian also worked hard making the props for En Mi Familia. (which happens to be her favorite exhibit!)

  • What do you do at the museum?

I am a supply sorter, a stocker, and I help with special projects.

Jillian and Lisa do a lot of special projects around the musuem. A few duties include:  sorting donated items, laminating, and stocking items in Tinkerer’s Workshop.

  • When I bring my supplies in, where do they go?

We take items from the bins under the stairs to the back room.  Here, we sort them by putting them in their designated bin. We sort everything from yogurt cups, paper towel rolls, plastic lids, corks and fabric. We also put some supplies in the Tinkerer’s Workshop so kids can use them.

  • How can the community help out?

We are looking for items to use in MakerKids. We need items like clean bottle caps, plastic lids, and fabric (8”x8” minimum).

(We ask that donated items be clean, rinsed out, and undamaged. Boxes should not be flattened and paper tubes should be “paper and tear free”.)

A BIG thanks to our volunteers for all their hard work and dedication!

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Volunteer at ACM! Contact Paul– our volunteer coordinator




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