Egg Carton Planter

23 04 2009


 “You can make your plot of earth a little greener by using a recycled egg carton to start a mini-garden!”


You need:

  • 1 paper egg carton
  • potting soil
  • seeds of your choice
  • markers and crayons
  • Lots of water & a little love!

 6 Easy Steps

  1. Cut off the lid of an empty egg carton
  2. Decorate the outside with markers and crayons
  3. Fill egg cups with potting soil
  4. Press a few seeds down into the soil
  5. Water your seedlings everyday
  6. Place in a sunny window
  7. Talk to your plants (they love Carbon Dioxide) and watch them grow!

Once plants are big enough, you can take them outside and plant the carton directly into your garden! Don’t forget to keep watering them! (Carton must be kept very wet so the plant’s roots can grow through it.)

Keep a “plant growth”  journal and track your plant’s growth. Try planting a variety of seeds. (fruit,herb,flower) Which type of seeds do you think will grow the fastest?

Check out this website for more helpful hints.




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