Sidewalk Chalk Shadow Art!

23 04 2009

 I head out in the night and outline shadows in chalk to draw attention to something I find beautiful, but fear people overlook.” – Michael Neff


Michael Neff is an artist living in New York that has created beautiful works of art using just shadows and chalk.stair Shadows are cast everywhere and we tend to overlook their simple beauty. Neff goes out at night in search of a pretty shadow to outline to make his art. So far, Neff has created his artwork in various cities around the US like New York, San Francisco, Seattle and small towns in Oregon and California.


fenceIt would be difficult to create this artwork in the daytime because the shadows move as the sun moves across the sky. Neff creates his chalk artwork at night because at night the shadows that are made by streetlights don’t move. After a few days, the chalk on the sidewalk fades away, so Neff takes pictures of his artwork when he finishes outlining in order to save it.  


parking meter

I was inspired by Michael Neff’s artwork and decided to make my own chalk artwork right outside the Museum. I just used different colored pieces of chalk and outlined the shadows that were cast on the sidewalk. This shadow was made by a parking meter. The next photo is made by a bike rack.


You can see it for yourself if you visit the Museum in the next few days!! What do you think of my Michael Neff inspired artwork?bike rack


You can make your own Michael Neff inspired artwork at home! It’s easy!  I hope you have fun making your own Michael Neff inspired art! 


You can see more pictures of Michael Neff’s artwork on his flikr photostream. Also, be sure to visit Neff’s website at He even has an interactive map pinpointing where his artwork was originally made!


Thanks for letting me share with you!

–Miss Patty 🙂




One response

5 10 2009
Kenji Tokujiro

Beautiful, I saw displays of this, it seems so unreal… its not graffiti.. its ART.

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