Las Muñecas Quitapenas

30 04 2009

“Worry Dolls” originated in Guatemala, but have since migrated to Mexico and other parts of the world. They are tiny, colorful, handmade dolls that are made out of thin thread and wire. They are adored by children everywhere.

The tale: When a child is worried about something, they are encouraged to tell the doll, and then place it under their pillow when they go to sleep. The doll absorbs the child’s worries, so when they wake up they are worry-free.

It is fun to make colorful muñecas quitapenas. I made some out of clay (I didn’t have any string). What are some other materials you can use to make these beautiful dolls?

Worry DollsClay worry dolls



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26 05 2009

I have been saving some for my 1 yr. old daughter. I was waiting till she was about three to give them to her since they are a chocking hazard. But, she found them and very much wants to play with them. It will be great to visit your exhibit to talk about what they are and how they work.

Sandy Navarro

4 06 2009

My little man (18 m) found mine under my pillow this morning and sat playing with them for ages. He kept lining them up and putting them back in their little box.

Brought a smile to my face – you see, my worries WERE gone in the morning! 🙂

22 01 2010

I love worry dolls!They are the cutest!For a board game I have to make I am making worry dolls as the game peices!(adorable!)here is how to make a worry doll first take 1 toothpick,and 2 bread ties.Wrap the ties around the toothpick making limbs for the worry doll.then using flesh colored embroidry thread wrap the thread around the top of the tooth pick.Light a match and burn the very tip (leaving most of the thread flesh colored)to make hair.(if making with a little child just use a marker.)and then with any vibrant color of embroidery thread wrap around the middle of toothpick and the “arms”.then for a female worry doll use flesh colored thread around the “legs” and wrap a peice of felt around the legs.for a male use a different but vibrant color and wrap a round anything with out thread on it.if these intructions are sorta confuzing looking at the picture above really helps!
(P.S.I’m only eleven and i can make worry dolls really well they are not impossible!)

25 01 2010

Wow, Lauren, this is really cool! Thanks so much for sharing how you make your worry dolls. Now others can give it a try too!

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