Create a Soda Geyser

15 06 2009

Have you ever seen your soda do this?

Adding Mentos to a bottle of soda creates quite a reaction! Why does it create a soda explosion? When the Mentos hits the surface of the soda, the compressed carbon dioxide forms bubbles on the surface of the Mentos. It is released into the air and pushes the soda out with it. You can try this at home with the help of an adult.


Roll of Mentos (candy mints)

2-liter bottle of soda (diet soda is less sticky when it is time to clean up)


This activity is best done in an open outdoor space.

1) Open the bottle of soda and set it on even ground. Be sure it will not tip over.

2) Drop the roll of Mentos into the bottle. The trick is to drop all the mentos in at once. You can roll a piece of paper into a tube. (The paper tube should be just big enough to hold the loose mentos.)

3) Position the paper tube over the bottle, release the Mentos, and step back quickly!

4) Watch your Soda Geyser go!




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27 10 2009

thats cool

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