Invisible Ink

3 08 2009



· Baking Soda

· Paper

· Water

· Light Bulb (for your heat source)

· Paintbrush or cotton swab

· Measuring Cup

· Purple grape juice


Here are two ways to experiment with your baking soda based Invisible Ink:

1) Mix equal parts water and baking soda.

2) Use a cotton swab or paintbrush to draw a picture or write a message on your paper using the baking soda solution.

3) Allow your invisible ink to dry.

4) One way to reveal your message or drawing is to hold your paper near the heat source, the light bulb. The baking soda will react with your heat source and turn brown, revealing your “invisible” drawing. Be careful when holding your paper up to the light bulb. Paper is flammable!

5) The second way to reveal your image is to paint over your invisible drawing with purple grape juice. The baking soda and grape juice with have an acid-based reaction and the invisible message will appear.




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