Whale Origami

14 08 2009


First, you need a square of paper. To make your own square of paper you can use a regular 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet.

· Fold the bottom left corner of your sheet to the right side of your paper. Make the bottom edge and right edge line up. You just made a triangle shape. Cut off the excess strip of paper and you will have a square.

· Fold the lower left and right sides to meet the center crease you made earlier.

· It kind of looks like an ice cream cone. Now fold the top down. The tip meets the top of the other folded pieces.

· Fold your ice cream cone shape in half, lengthwise.

· Fold the skinny end up to make the tail.

Meet your whale! You can decorate your whale anyway you like!

Watch the video for a quick demonstration on how to fold your whale:




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