Math & Make-Believe: What can you buy with 10 pennies?

11 09 2009

Open up your own pretend shop and see how many different things you can buy with 10 pennies!


What you need:

-One person to be the shopkeeper and others to be customers

-Pennies for each customer

-Several household items to sell in your shop

-Paper or post-it notes to mark the prices

What to do:

First, the shopkeeper needs to set the shop up! Arrange the things you want to sell on a table or blanket. Then price each item, with the cheapest item costing only 1 penny and the most expensive item costing 10 pennies. Give your shop a name, such as Taylor’s Terrific Toys or The Superdy Duperdy Superstore.

Now it’s time to open the shop up for customers! Each customer has only 10 pennies. See what kind of things you can buy if you spend all 10 pennies.

deckofcards           magichat

For instance, if you go to Molly’s Magic Shop, you see decks of cards for 2 pennies and a magic hat for 5 pennies.  How many decks of cards can you buy? How many decks of cards can you buy if you purchase the magic hat as well?




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