What’s inside the mystery box?

19 10 2009

Be a super science sleuth this Halloween and let’s see if you and your fellow scientist friends can figure out each other’s experiments—without looking! For this game, you brave scientists will put your hand inside some covered boxes and try to guess what’s inside using your sense of touch.


Grab a friend, sibling or parent to be your partner. Both of you will secretly gather supplies, such as a bowl of jello or a teddy bear. You can pretend these things are old lab experiments gone wrong or supplies for a new creepy project! Then you will cover each object with a cardboard box. Cut a hole in the box big enough for your partner to stick an arm inside.

Now take turns putting an arm inside each other’s boxes and feel around with your hands and figures. As you feel around, jot down what you feel on a sheet of paper. You can fold a piece of construction paper to make a scientific journal like I did!


Is it wet? Is it rough? Is it squishy? Is it round? Using your deductive reasoning skills, can you correctly guess what’s inside?

Scientists have to be very detailed about their observations, so try to be as descriptive as you can. What do the mystery objects remind you of—does it feel like brains inside one box? Maybe eye balls inside another? Draw a picture to go along with each box.


scientist's journal entry

When both of you reveal your mystery objects, see how close your guesses were!

Happy guessing!




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