The Cybersquad is leaving ACM

22 01 2010

This is the Cybersquad’s last week at the Museum.  In their Cyberchase exhibit we solved problems and had fun with math.

We made music by making patterns.

We learned about new things in Motherboard's control center.

As a farewell to Cyberchase and the squad, why don’t we show them some of our math skills?


Real or play coins
50 pennies
20 mickels
15 dimes
6 quarters
Paper and pencil


1. Use the coins to make combinations equal to 50 cents.
2. Keep track of your combinations on the paper.

How many different ways can you make 50 cents? What is the least amount of coins it takes?

For more fun ways to use math, check out Cyberchase’s website and their fun math problems.




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