Happy Valentine’s Day!

10 02 2010

Instead of making a regular Valentine’s Day card, impress your valentine with these secret message cards.


1-2 sheets colored construction paper, we used pink and purple
1 sheet of white paper
Red cellophane or plastic wrap
3-5 red, orange, and pink markers
1 light blue pen
Glue stick


1. Cut a large heart out of the colored construction paper. Cut a smaller heart out of the white paper to fit in the colored heart.

2. Cut a smaller heart out of a piece of colored construction paper and then cut out the middle, leaving a frame in the shape of a heart. Save the middle for decoration.

Cutting the hearts out.

3. Write your secret message or messages in the white heart using the blue pen.

The secret messages.

4. Write over the secret message with your red, orange, and pink markers. Paste the white heart on top of the larger heart. Use the middle of the heart frame to decorate the card.

My decorated valentine, almost ready for decoding!

5. Cut the red cellophane or plastic wrap to fit the smaller outline of the colored heart. The easiest way to do this is cut a square out of your cellophane or plastic wrap that is a little bigger than your heart. Glue the cellophane or plastic wrap down and cut off the extra around the border of the heart.

6. Now have your valentine decode the message!

For an edible version of this card, go here, the inspiration for these cards.




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