Everyday Science at C-Day Camp!

16 02 2010

On Monday at the Museum we had a C-Day Camp. We did a bunch of activities like writing secret messages, growing Lima bean plants and creating Shrinky Dink charms.

As part of the day, we made polymer slime. A polymer is made up of long chains of molecules, and in this experiment the polymer is glue.  When Borax is added to the glue it turns it into slime. To find out how to make this slime yourself, click here!

After we made our slime, we discovered how the inside of a diaper works. Seems icky, but it’s scientific! The special polymer inside of a diaper can absorb eight times its weight, allowing nothing to leak. Cool, huh? Check out a C-Day video of it here.

Because we know how well this polymer works, we poured two cups of water into the diaper and trusted it enough to put it over our heads. Then we cut open the diaper and actually felt the polymer.

Before the day ended, we made Shrinky Dinks. Shrinky Dinks are also made of a polymer.  When you put them in heat they shrink and harden as their long strands of molecules are forced closer together.

First we colored the Shrinky Dinks with permanent markers.

Then we heated them up in the oven until they shrank and became hard.

After the Shrinky Dinks cooled, we could put them on to string and make necklaces or bracelets with the charms.

These activities can all be done at home, so be sure and try one!





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