Make your own kite!

8 03 2010

This Sunday is the Kite Festival. To be prepared, I found a few kites to make. You can make them for anytime, and usually spring is the perfect time to fly a kite.

For a traditional kite, try this:


String or yarn, at least 10 feet
One large sheet of strong paper (I used recycled wallpaper)
Markers or crayons
Two thin wooden sticks, one 1 foot long, the other 8 inches long
Something to wrap your string around when flying

1. Use the two sticks to make a cross, with the 8 inch stick lying horizontal on the 12 inch stick. Make sure the 12 inch stick is in the center of the 8 inch stick. My sticks were a bit short so I taped a few together to make them the right lengths.

2. Wrap the string around the stick and make sure it is bound strong. You can use the tape here to reinforce the string.

3. Cut notches on the ends of every stick for the string to catch. Then starting from the bottom, take your string and fit it into the notch at the end of the stick. Continue all the way around the frame. Use the tape on the ends of the sticks to prevent the string from moving.

4. Decorate you paper if you please. Then place the sticks on top of the paper and cut around the  string frame, leaving about an inch around the perimeter. Then fold the edges over the string frame and hold down with the tape.

5. Tie a spring around the middle of the frame where the two sticks intersect. Make sure the string is long enough that the kite can have room to fly. Wrap the excess string around something easy for you to hold. I used a strong straw. Now try flying it!

Check back here later for some more kites you can make at home!




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