April Fools’ Day

31 03 2010

Happy almost April Fools’ Day! Although no one really knows why we have this day, it’s a day meant to joke around and have some fun. Here are some easy fun pranks to try at home for tomorrow.

Gelled Juice


Gelatin the color of a drink your friend or family member usually drinks
Food coloring
Clear cups

1. Make the gelatin according to the recipe. If you need to, color the gelatin using the food coloring to make it look more real.

2. Pour the gelatin into the cups with a straw in each.

3. Put the cups in theĀ refrigerator and let them set.

4. Take them out when they’re ready and when you find a target!

Magic Milk


Liquid food coloring
Dry cereal

1. Before your target sits down for cereal, put some liquid food coloring over the bottom of their bowl. Pour dry cereal on top.

2. When they pour their milk in, they’ll be shocked to see it change colors.

What are you going to do for April Fools’ Day?




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