Eco-friendly everyday!

7 04 2010

April 10 was Keep Austin Beautiful’s Clean Sweep.  During clean sweep, volunteers from around the city helped remove all of the litter from the city in places like parks, schools, neighborhoods, and creeks.

You can also keep the city beautiful by doing more green activities in place of those that can harm the environment. Here are some simple tips on how to make the Earth a healthier place.

Always recycle when you can. The easiest places are at home and school, so make sure both have places to recycle.

Try to carpool.  When you carpool, less cars are being used, meaning less gas is being used and there isn’t as much pollution being let off into the air.

Turn off any light that you aren’t using. This is so easy and can save a lot of energy!

Same with water. When you’re brushing your teeth don’t keep the faucet running.

Take your lunch to school in a lunch box or grocery bag. When you use a lunch box or grocery bag, you don’t have to use a paper bag. Both can be reused several times, cost less, and help the environment since they have a longer life. If your grocery bag is getting worn out, save it and turn it back into a grocery store that recycles their bags.

Use a reusable water bottle. A good reusable water bottle can last for years and prevent you from using disposable plastic water bottles. Disposable bottles are often not recycled, meaning they can sit in a landfill for years.  Also, making them requires using a lot of oil which results in pollution.

Eat and buy local products.  When products are from places nearby, like vegetables, bread and fruit, it means that they traveled less of a distance.  Because of their shorter distance away, these products used less gas to get to their destination, reducing their pollution and making them more sustainable.

Be a part of a community garden. Instead of buying local produce, you can grow your own! When you do this, you aren’t buying food that has traveled a long distance which causes pollution.

These are just a few easy tips you can use everyday.  Keep looking for more eco-friendly tips and projects throughout the month!




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