Newspaper box

9 04 2010

Today I was working and found a stack of newspapers about to be recycled. I decided to see if there was anything I could do with them, and here’s what I found.

Easy Eco-friendly Newspaper Box

1. Take a sheet of newspaper and fold it in half width wise, then fold it in half length wise.

2. Open the lengthwise fold and then fold in the top right and left corners. Then take on corner, spread it out and fold it down. Do this to both sides.

3. The paper should now look like this first photo. Lay it down flat again with an unfolded side on top. Then fold its edges to the middle.

4. Now fold the center part twice. Then repeat step 3 and this step on the other side.

5. Turn the object upside down and open up the middle space. You just made a box! I filled mine with everyone lying around on my desk.

To make a more personal box try using a certain section of the newspaper that you like or painting the box. Let us know how it goes!




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