Community gardens

26 04 2010

All around Austin, communities have gardens where they can grow their own fruits and vegetables for their family and friends.  Some community gardens have been around for a long time, while others are just starting.

These gardens were created to help Austin locals who don’t have a backyard to grow their own plants. They are also communities within themselves, allowing the members to help each other and give each other advice about gardening and growing plants.

One of the most developed gardens is the Deep Eddy Community Garden. The garden is over 25 years old and has over 30 plots.  The plots range from growing herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruit trees, or making a compost pit.

compost pit is where you put waste from your house, like banana peels or cardboard,  into a pit and nurture it so it can turn into soil.  The soil made from this process usually helps plants grow better.  Also, when you put your waste in compost pits you are reusing it instead of sending it to a giant landfill, which means you’re helping the Earth!

Click here to find out more information on community gardens around the country, and to search for local gardens that you can tour, volunteer at, or work on your own plot. Also, on May 1 you can tour the community gardens in town.




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