Make a smoothie, learn math!

13 05 2010

Did you know that making food can teach you a lot about math? Today we’re going to make a smoothie and find out how many combinations of fruit we can put in it.


1-2  cups of 3 different kinds of fruit, frozen or fresh. I like bananas, blueberries and raspberries.

1/2-1 cup of fruit juice

1 cup of ice

1/2-1 cup of vanilla yogurt

1. Combine all ingredients in a blender. Add more juice to make the smoothie more drinkable, or more yogurt to make it thicker.

2. Enjoy your smoothie while learning about math.

Think about how there are many different combinations of smoothies you can make.

First, there are 6 fruits that taste great in smoothies:

Bananas, raspberries, mangoes, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple

Then there are 3 juices that help combine the fruit:

Then you add ice by itself:

Then there are 3 yogurts to choose from:

Vanilla, fruit flavored, or plain

To figure out how many combinations we have to make a smoothie we need to multiply all of our options.

6 fruits x 3 juices x 1 ice x 3 yogurts=54 combinations of smoothies! Wow!




One response

18 11 2010
Christine Steendahl-"The Menu Mom"

Love this idea! What an excellent way to bring math into the fun of smoothie making. Kids love this and it is so healthy! Thanks for sharing!

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