Getting “Gear-ed” up!

2 06 2010
This week is full of inventing for our ACM campers enrolled in ‘Inventioneers’. Today at our Inventioneers Camp we learned about tools , simple machines and electricity.  Gears are one of the types of simple machines that our campers learned about, and they had a great time making their own “gear” shaped cookies! Yum! Campers also explored  electricity  by helping put together a circuit board and assembling electricity conductors. Check out our inventors in action…

Creating Electricity Conductors

Creating Gear Shaped Cookies!

Connecting the Circuit Board

Make your own “Gear” shaped cookies at home:


-Pre made sugar cookie dough

-Rolling Pin

-Flour to sprinkle on rolling pin

-“Gear” Shaped cookie cutters (Flower shaped will work too)

-Biscuit or Circular shaped cutter (to cut out the middle of the cookie)


1. Sprinkle flour on flat surface and on rolling pin

2. Roll out the pre made sugar cookie dough on a flat surface (you may want to use wax paper) 1/4 inch thickness

3. Use “Gear” shaped cookie cutters to cut cookies out of the dough

4. Place cookies on a baking sheet and follow baking directions from pre made cookie package.

5. Use biscuit cutter to cut out the middle of each cookie and remove the dough. You can use the cut outs to make more cookies.

6. Make sure to let the cookies cool when they come out of the oven!

7.  Think of creative ways to decorate your gears…you can use icing, sprinkles or any other eatable decoration to make the cookie look like a gear.

8. Enjoy!




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