Incredible Creature Features

8 06 2010

This week at our full day Incredible Creature Features camp we are exploring how different species survive in their environments and habitats. Campers are finding out why certain species thrive and others become extinct, as well as how they can help protect species in their own backyards! Today, these campers were true scientists, as they dissected owl pellets! Pellets are the undigested food parts from a bird that are regurgitated. By dissecting them we learn about what types of creatures or plant life  a bird is consuming.  A very important piece of information we need to make a food web.  Food webs are an extremely helpful tool to help us understand animal eating habits and ecosystems. Check out this food web below.  See if you can figure out what certain animals eat to survive…

Check out our campers doing some owl pellet dissection!

Dissecting might sound like a gross job, but many animal diseases and treatments are discovered because scientists investigate various parts of an animal. This is no experiment for kids at home, but with the correct equipment, sanitation and supervision much can be learned about specific species. Have you ever dissected anything in any of your science classes?




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