Girls Explore Science

8 07 2010

Girls Explore Science full day camp is this week at ACM! Why just girls? Because here at the Museum, we want to break the commonly held stereotypes that many Americans hold about scientists.  For example, many young students will describe scientists as men instead of women when asked what they imagine a scientist to look like (as well as white hair that stands straight up!).  We want young girls to know that ANYONE can be a scientist no matter what makes them seem “different” from the masses.

One of the most important things our campers learn is the scientific process of problem solving.  This process allows our campers to take on challenges each day and come up with creative solutions. Below is a helpful illustration…

Women scientists use the scientific process every day to solve the worlds challenges. Take a look below at some famous female scientists and what they have contributed throughout history!

Anita Roberts: She was a molecular biologist who was instrumental in the discovery of the protein TGF-beta. This protein has the potential of playing a dual role of blocking as well as stimulating cancer and it helps in the healing of wounds and fractures. Anita Roberts is one of the most-cited scientists in the world.

Annie Easley: She is an African American computer scientist who worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Lewis Research Center. She was a part of the team that developed the software for the Centaur rocket stage.

Jane Goodall: She is an anthropologist who is well known for her study of the chimpanzees. She spent long years in studying the social and family interactions between chimpanzees and went on to found the Jane Goodall Institute.

And remember, ANYONE can be a scientist, EVEN YOU!




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