Where Will the Water Go?

27 09 2010

Can you think of a way to move water from one cup to another without touching the cups? Here is a hint: You will need a paper towel and a lot of patience.

Take two small plastic cups. Fill one up with water. Fold a paper towel several times to make it narrower. put one end in the cup with water and the other end in the empty cup.

The water travels up the paper towel because of capillary attraction, a force that causes liquids to travel through solids filling the solid’s pores. You can learn more about capillary attraction by visiting Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development

Once the water levels are equal the water stops moving to the second cup.

How much water transferred cups? How long did it take?




2 responses

17 11 2010
Lil Lisa

This is a good one! It has all the information we need. This is a very good one for my sister in the third (3rd) grade. we certainly will use this one!!!!!Lol:)

20 11 2010

i think this website is cool

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