Notion of Motion Blows Us Away!

4 10 2010

We have been learning a lot from playing with the Notion of  Motion exhibit. We love watching the mist form a swirling vortex at the Cloud Ring exhibit.

You can also learn about air patterns at home using a box, tape, and scissors. It is important to tape the sides of the box so it is air-tight. Cut a circular hole in one side of the box. Now air can only escape from the hole.

Have someone sit a few feet from the box. Hit the sides of the box and see if they can feel the air rush out of the box and onto their face. How far can the air travel? How long does it take?

Here we are during a training hosted by educators from the Exploratorium, waiting to feel the vortex that is created when air is forced through the hole in the box.

If the air keeps missing your face, have some friends hold up pieces of paper around your head to act as air detectors, then aim again!




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