A Bright Idea: Photography and Science

15 10 2010

Last winter we posted a picture that was taken of a Christmas tree while shaking the camera. Eleanor, an Austin Kids blog reader,  sent us this interesting photo of the Statue of Liberty with a similar style.

Inspired, we taped LED lights to the turntable from the Notion of Motion exhibit and turned off the lights in the room.

Next, we turned off the flash and set the camera to a longer exposure time. Having a longer exposure time means that the camera keeps the shutter open for longer allowing in more light. We held the camera as still as possible and took a picture of the lights spinning on the turntable.

Then we took another picture while moving the camera up and down. We still used the longer exposure time, so the shutter was open while I was moving the camera.

Have you taken any neat pictures lately? Leave a comment letting us know your best photography tip.




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30 11 2010
Exploratorium Exhibit Services » Bright and Revolutionary

[…] tinkering ideas. Austin Children’s Museum put two and two together and posted the results here on their daily updated blog. Visit the learning studio blog to see their own LED spirograph, and if […]

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