Make a Spooky Noise Machine

29 10 2010

Make your own spooky noise machine to startle your friends this Halloween.

Poke a small hole in the middle of a plastic cup using a nail or the tip of your scissors. Tie a piece of string about two feet long to a paper clip. Put the other side of the string through the hole. Cut a piece of a paper towel roughly the size of a dollar bill, get it damp, and fold it over. Tightly grip the string with the paper towel near the cup and make short jerking motions down the string.

Rubbing the wet paper towel along the string creates friction causing vibrations. The vibrations travel up the string and are amplified by the cup.

What does the noise machine sound like? A creepy ghost? Wind whistling though the trees? Tell us what your noise maker sounds like in the comment section!




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