Thanksgiving is almost here!

17 11 2010

Thanksgiving is an excellent time to share with your family all the things you love about them. Make a special doorknob turkey for a member of your family.

Cut out the body of a turkey from a piece of brown construction paper. Cut out a hole the size of the doorknob from the belly of the Turkey. Write down what your family member does that you are grateful for on colorful feathers and tape them to the turkey.

I made this turkey for my little brother. What are you thankful for? Leave a comment letting us know.

Share these interesting facts about turkeys with your family this Thanksgiving:

Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be America’s national bird

A baby turkey is called a Poult

Turkeys have tiny stones in their gizzard, which help them grind up food.

Wild turkeys spend the night in trees

Turkeys do not have ears on the outside of their heads like people do, but they hear very well




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