Make a Pendulum

20 01 2011

The Pendulum Snake is one of our favorite parts of the Notion of Motion exhibit. This is the exhibit’s last week here at the Museum, so we wanted to explore pendulums more by making one!

Materials you will need:  a small paper cup, a long piece of string, something to weigh down your cup (we used coins) and a piece of tape.

2 holes!Poke two holes in your cup. They should be across from each other.

thread through the holes!

Thread your string through both holes.

Tie a knot.

Fill the cup with your weights. You could also use rice or beans or sand as weight. Now your pendulum is ready! Hang it up in an open space. You can experiment with the length of string and amount of weight in your cup. What makes the pendulum swing faster? Slower?

Or, you can follow the link to make pendulum art like we did!

tape on a pen!

Use tape to attach a ball point pen to the cup.

We put baking soda on a big piece of paper and traced the pendulum’s movements. You could also use flour, sand or dirt!

Notion of Motion will be on exhibit through Sunday, Jan 23rd. Museum hours are Thurs-Sat 10 am to 5 pm, Sun 12-5 pm.




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